Plaques and awards for our school

Everywhere and always came first physical development . From childhood, we are trying to interest children do exercises , going to all the possible sections , classes . After all, it is interesting and useful. And of course the same as the competition without winning . And the plaques and awards, a lot of our time , ranging from diplomas and finishing medals and cups. They are such a variety that even the eyes get when you have to choose the prizes for the next competition or contest .
Our school has always maintained a healthy lifestyle, various events were held on the matter. So one day I was told to buy prizes at various competitions in football, basketball and other sports.

I thought it would be a simple task. But it was much more difficult. Now you can find a lot of different awards , certificates , badges, cups, custom plaques. They can be very different shapes – round medals , rectangular badges , awards in the form of a triangle. They can be made of different materials. They can be drawn on paper, carved in wood , made of glass, iron or stone.

Of course, what school do without Olympiads in different subjects . And every competition we try to come up and find new and interesting ideas for awards.
Every time we present a new medal to our students , they thank us . We constantly see the joy in the eyes of the children who receive trophies and certificates from us. We are also pleased to give our children a well-deserved awards .

Now we have established a tradition , all graduates of the school we give personalized plaques as a sign of their growing up. It may be merit badges for children to school, and can be funny . All our children are happy .


Notes of the observer: what women we love

Sites dedicated to cosmetics, visited mostly by women. But myCharm
include an exception. Among our authors is a man, the editor of a regional edition. Started writing material on topics that is dedicated to our website: style, beauty, Peter seriously pondered the question: And what did I like women more beautiful and well-maintained?

– There is no love! – Said my friend, burst into polutrezvom state my home.
– Well, no, but no, – I shrugged. Prove anything does not make sense. Each clearly tired. Or just all disappointed. Although, after two cups of strong coffee has become less categorical: “And if we do not go to the nearest cafe to rest?”

Nearest route was a pizzeria. Kanelloni with white sauce and a few glasses of light beer did the trick – the friend began to recover and obviously mellowed. Yes, and this contributed to the audience – young, mostly. And on the street after all – spring! And the mood, respectively, the spring after all! And there are so many beautiful women … what else to say two divorced men over a glass of beer? Of course, for them, the women!

– Anyway, whatever we do, we do for them! – Philosophically familiar, finishing another cigarette. With him it was hard to disagree.

Flashed past our table brunette, blonde, brown-haired … Half an hour later another said that he just has not found love.

– Here’s the type of women like? – Familiar and asked pointedly stared at me. As they say, the question is simple, and put to a standstill. – What? – I asked, blinking involuntarily. – I do not know … Beautiful, I guess.

– And what is your understanding of the meaning “beautiful”? – Asked a friend, moving heavy look to the next table, where, apparently, celebrated bachelorette party, back to me.

In general, the following half an hour left to clarify the definition of “beautiful.”

Opinions were divided. That, in principle, no wonder – each with its own flavor, and, as they say, in every hut their toys …

In the morning I had a RAM – ordinary workshop. Only it was not quite normal.
– Here is the type of women like? – I asked his subordinates.
The staff looked at me puzzled, and then at each other.
– We assume that this question – a key theme of the next issue of our magazine, – I said.
– My son is like a mini-skirts! – Said the head of the advertising department (which, I confess, it shall not expect).
– If a man sees only the mini-skirt, it is nothing, as soon as “physiological” attitude! – Objected designer Alexander.

They were soon joined by dialogue and journalists, and sales department. Even that was a discussion! As a result, we have determined that: we fall in love is not part of the female body, and the woman herself. However, at the first meeting to draw attention on the former. That is why it is so important for a woman to highlight its advantages, whether cool chest, legs, shape or beautiful hair. With modern methods of cosmetology do it does not make much of a problem. And every woman, without exception, that is stress.

Second, the woman should be internally natural. It does not matter – complete or not, tall or not, her hair cut short or long hair. The main thing – to be myself (corny, is not it? But our common view it that way). Third, the woman must be her alone inherent charm and style. Without it – anywhere! And the beauty and charm – it’s completely different things. Perfect beauty, as it turned out, men only repels. But the charm and style …

Stylish women like men without exception (at least, the men of our editorial board – exactly!). A style – a personal care. Hair, makeup, clothes … Everything must be harmonious!

Emphasize the advantages of attracting first.
Naturalness to focus on the object of attention.
Style and charm – that captivates finally!

Evening came again each. In the normal state. This time our opinions coincided – love still exists. She just need to find …
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Internal and external

It’s no secret that our inner world affects our appearance. Positive emotions, elation, confidence makes a woman young and attractive. Unfortunately, many of our women live peacefully prevent numerous complexes, some of which originate from the childhood, and others in general are kind of national poverty, the legacy of patriarchal society.

Take for example the story “Jack Frost.” It is a good hard-working, obedient girl Nastya for all to work from morning to night, never contradict … Asked Frost “Not cool if you, my pretty,” Nastya, almost turned into an icicle, meekly replied: “Heat, Grandpa …”

Any other would have long since caught pneumonia, and Nastya attached. What grandfather and gives her dowry. What was the fate of more Nastya – is anyone’s guess … probably bent all day long in the field, taking care of the cattle, the house again on it, plus a husband and children …

Labor, of course, turned the monkey into a man, but no one was hard work rejuvenated and awarded health. Another thing – favorite work, or at least well-paid. And ideally, creative work.

Dowry is again nothing new … In our time more valuable dowry the groom – if he has a house, what is expected salary and a career … So, modern girls and women for peace of mind the fairy tale “Jack Frost” is not appropriate.

Another thing – the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Princess and the Pea.” All of you probably remember that in this tale tells of a princess who fell in the rain, soaked and knocked on the first comer royal palace to be asked for the night. It started up, but instead to give the poor girl how to have a good sleep, the owner of the castle the Queen Mother, wanting to know whether it real princess, slipped under the guest a few soft featherbeds pea. Naturally, the poor woman tormented all night and did not sleep eyes.

Now imagine that when asked Queen if she slept well, the princess would have said “good mother, good korolevushka” … And where would she, I ask, was? Outside the gates of the castle, certainly. And would not see her prince, as their ears.

What does that mean? First of all, if something does not like something a burden, not happy, do not think “tolerate, but do not hurt the person to keep the relationship.” Usually it is not so. Unfortunately, or fortunately, not all of us psychics and read the thoughts of others can not. And people just do not know, this situation suits you or not. And if someone deliberately uses your fear to speak openly, it will continue to act in the same way, regardless of your wishes.

And resentment toward others and themselves, throwing, experiences inevitably affect the appearance of women. So, if something does not suit, you just say so. This rule will apply in all cases for the good. In relations between a man and a woman can use it to replace any love potion.

After all, often girls, and even women who believe that the beloved, the husband simply must anticipate their desires. He may be required, but, alas, does not have such powers. Therefore it is better unobtrusively, perhaps inadvertently, and sometimes directly, tell about their desires. This also applies to intimate questions. To save a relationship, it is necessary to talk to each other.

Not leaving not confrontation and unspoken desires, she will keep harmony in his inner world, and consequently, their health and beauty for years to come


Understanding of female beauty in Christianity

Spring – a wonderful season, and we expect our body awakening, so many plans and so many wonders around. And for women orthodox beginning of spring – it is always waiting for Easter. If the biblical commandments and the Christian faith as a whole has an important place in your life, this period may be the best time for reflection on human values. Since this is a beauty, I suggest, “dip” for a short time in history, to think about what it means to the beauty of women in Christianity.

Christianity gives special importance, above all, the beauty of the interior. According to these principles, it is important not only to adorn themselves with exclusive attributes, but, more importantly, piety and good deeds.

Nobility, gentleness and kindness – these are the qualities that are valued at all times in the Christian woman. Inner purity and good intentions are always manifested in appearance and makes a woman more attractive to others. And it is accepted almost all men.

The woman in the light of Christianity is intrinsically beautiful, if it fulfills its role. Examine this in more detail.

Special attention is paid to the family of relations between men and women. Biblical teachings clearly show the role of husband and wife. Many noticed in certain roles injustice. At first glance it may seem that the role of women (in historical context) somewhat prejudiced. However, a more detailed study of the Christian view of family relationships becomes apparent that the woman in this understanding is appreciated especially as more gentle, kind and gentle creature. That is why its role is the keeper of the “family home”, warm relations and comfort in the house.

Many people do not like the clear idea that, in the light of Christian teachings wives should obey their husbands. But in the house comes complete comfort and convenience only when there is no conflict over the rule of roles. Therefore, obedience to her husband means there some way to the eternal human values ​​that should be in every family – love, harmony and understanding.

But that there was no disagreement and resentment, marriages should be performed only for love. Accordingly, a woman will be internally and externally beautiful, only if he can truly love and keep the warmth of family relationships, as a faithful keeper of happiness throughout life. And if it seems that the old feelings fade away, the sacred duty women – make every effort to return the love and keep the family together, to make sure that all family members feel comfortable and cozy in your own home.

It should be added that inner beauty – the ability to be generous, to sacrifice something for the sake of others (if necessary), to make concessions, and, most importantly (as noted above) – to be able to love – truly, with all my heart. As can be seen, these words also lies great wisdom that is easy to understand the worth of each of us.

In a more detailed study of the Bible is clear that in women are also always appreciated the courage and bravery, but if these qualities were directed to good ends. Showing a certain heroism and courage, women can serve the Lord and the people bear to the world the good. And it’s all the time it was considered beautiful.

And if you have long had a desire to change something in your life and change the actual (not outwardly, but inwardly), are best at this time, on the eve of the great feast, when the light of God’s love fills the earth and touches the hearts, to the inner soul-searching and to try to understand where, when and why you are making mistakes, to ask the Lord for forgiveness, and wisdom and patience, and look at the world, at people differently. Remember, the eyes – a mirror of the soul, and if your eyes will sparkle love for all, you will always sincere, generous, calm and patient, people around you will notice it and will think to himself: “She is charming!”.

After centuries of Christian wisdom is tested, and Christian values ​​have been and will continue to exist as long as the world exists, because the human heart will always strive to perfect, sublime, eternal. Maybe we are not all aware of it, but deep down, understand that the Christian view of the true beauty – the most loyal.
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Why a woman heel?

Lovely ladies, why do you wear heels? They are uncomfortable, unstable and fall into any crack in the road, and even in a drunken state, they generally dangerous to life! My dear, you are fine without them. Stop yourself maim and hide behind it all you do for us men!
(Men’s logic)

A pair of shoes with high heels is in the arsenal of any woman. Red patent leather, purple-crimson with large flowers or linen with colorful stones and beads. They are always pleased with our eyes, look great on my feet, and most important figure they overcame a much leaner and more feminine, and the woman looks more confident and graceful.

Men heels crazy, although they insist that it is terribly uncomfortable, and why such a victim. But you must admit, a woman in high heels and ballet flats is totally different. Of course, a wardrobe must have and ballet flats, and sneakers or skechersy, and even spanking, but a pair of high heels in it is given a special place.

Many women wear these shoes every day to work or to the movies, even running on the heels of embarrassing. The other half of the women treat them with caution, puts on public holidays and for a short time, but is well aware that with a heel, they look much more attractive. Yes, every woman is a high heel shoes in different ways, with conviction, and thought about the inconvenience or the admiration and passion. They do not leave indifferent anybody.

Walk in high heels, of course, not an easy exercise, legs get tired fast, foot starts to hurt, and the balance of the body to keep the hour harder. Is a science. It was only after many days of practice, effort, and desire to be irresistible, do it in full! Beautiful, mysterious and feminine gait small steps on huge heels, can not remain indifferent to both men and many women. High heels – a symbol of women’s victories, not for nothing that there is a Russian proverb “be henpecked.”

No matter how many doctors are not talking about the dangers of wearing high heels, fashion claims to the contrary, playing more and more masterpieces under the names Manolo, Miu Miu, Gucci, Prada. 5, 7, 15 inches … and it is not the limit! Although many podiatrists agree that the heel 2.5 inches revilings and sometimes even useful to wear. But the height of 7 inches and above is a tall enough and can bring a lot of inconvenience to the mistress of his shoes. These shoes significantly increases the load on the ankles, knees and back, which can lead not only to injuries and bruises, but also to the tensions and shifts in the joint of the leg.

Women who are or for what the world can not give up wearing high-heeled shoes, orthopedic specialists are strongly advised to use special metatarsal pad. They are sold in pharmacies and can significantly less strain the central part of the foot.

So who did the modern fashionista must the birth of high heels? Undersized Catherine de Medici, wife of the French king Henry II. That’s it, experiencing some inferiority complex next to the tall and handsome husband, ordered the royal shoemaker make her elegant shoes that resemble men’s shoes with a heel for horseback riding. It was in the middle of the 16th century. This invention would have remained undetected if at the beginning of the XVIII century, ladies skirts have not become noticeably shorter. And with a short skirt, as you know, uncouth and rude shoe looks inappropriately, that’s decided shoemakers since then sew elegant lightweight women’s shoes made of velvet, silk and brocade, and, of course, these shoes are high heels.

But to love high heels and know the history of their appearance – is not enough! The most important thing – to know how to choose the right to block and comfortable, and the heel does not rub, to fly in them, and do not walk! So, how to choose shoes with heels, what to look for?

– First, to begin to determine why you another pair of shoes with high heels. Want to attract men’s attention or stand out from the gray crowd in a bright orange patent leather shoes? And, maybe, want to make an impression on the work of his superiors, the strict, black shoes with high heels but restrained, and at the same time put in place all the women’s team? For each goal, is to choose their own, special shoes. When this defined, here we should adhere to the general recommendations in choosing allies.

– Be sure to consider the structure of their feet. If nature endowed you with complete legs and wide foot, then buying a sharp-nosed shoes with heels can bring you only pain and disappointment. With this structure of legs you’d better to focus on sustainable and wide heel.

– If on the contrary, your feet are thin with a narrow foot, the elegant leather high heels and narrow their only decorate.

– Always be guided by your own feelings. If during the fitting you feel unstable, any doubt about the comfort of trying on shoes, you better not take it. In the shoes must love not only your eyes, but also legs! “Dressing” or “planted the silicone pad or cotton,” the leg more tightly sitting – not your option! Do not have to hope that the price of your corns, tingling and capricious mood you will succeed and a goal in these fabulously beautiful, but, unfortunately, not appropriate for you shoes!

– Well, the most burning question of how high the heel is right for you? For this measure in centimeters, what is the length of your foot, and divide the result by 4. This will be your ideal heel height.

– The basic rule when choosing shoes, to be followed by all the women: pairs of shoes can be a lot, but the legs have only one!

Wear heels, lovely women, but with the mind and respite! Could always find a model and heel new shoes, feel the comfort and relaxation of the foot in them, and of course better than a couple of times they walk down the hallway of his apartment, so to say, a dress rehearsal does not hurt anyone! And then the man walking behind you, just can not resist your sexy and feminine gait …
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I do not want, do not want to calculate, and I for love, for love, want …

Have you thought about it at least once? And in no time! Now the marriage of convenience has become normal, for love, of course, also occur, but much less frequently. Although, thinking themselves in 15-17 years, I have 100% confidence I can say that I and my friends – all going to marry only for love. And be sure to such a strong and deep, as shown in the Mexican soap operas, a passionate and indestructible, which are written in the books.

Recall, for example, Natasha Rostov and Prince Bolkonski or Pechorin and Princess Mary. But in contrast to literary characters, the love of our life is to go through all the trials and tribulations, and a loved one should always be there, and all sorts of sacrifices to be excluded. And in the end we have?

My friend Lena got married, of course, for love, and this is the second tomboy educates, and live on a tiny salary of her husband. Shouts, quarrels, perpetual lack of money and years of accumulated fatigue.

Olga in their 31 and still not married. Yes it so bad! Abroad, a prestigious job, a lot of very non-poor suitors. And the eternal motto – all men!

And she asks for the kind of love too was married, and her husband is a very promising man. Live in prosperity. But only love was in the third year of marriage. And now she tears every day pours into the pillow, and then comforted in the arms of another boy “for the soul.”

Look at all this as a woman’s happiness and you think, maybe, well, it? And we need to get married right on the calculation that does not hurt and no regrets?

Of course, in any case, mainly the relationship between man and woman on the thumb developed scenario. We met on a common party with friends, followed by a long and often walked in the moonlight, went to the movies seem to have learned about each other, which is possible. The next chapter is to introduce the development of relations with the parents on both sides, after a civil marriage for a year and a half and then usually follows the wedding ceremony. And of course, each of us wants that to happen, this is the wedding of her life once and for all life!

And how was it before? Even in times of Pushkin and Lermontov’s about love and the speech was not. No, she is, of course, dedicated poems and ballads. But the question of marriage was decided solely by the will of parents who were guided by the noble position of the groom, the age-old lineage of ancestors and compulsory education gentleman. A relationship with a commoner or a man down the race and position in society are stigmatized and century mark!

Now, everyone is free to do as she pleased, and no one was no surprise! Although, for a full-fledged marriage for love or for the calculation, now women have to work hard. First, you need to get an education, and secondly, it is important to be outwardly bright, attractive and well-groomed. You must be able to work and build a career and home comfort support, always be passionate lover for her husband. Yeah, on women’s shoulders, as always go to an excessive burden.

And yet, if silly sentiment, recognition and stuff is not for you, the marriage of a profitable and promising proposal. And one wishes there enough. Still need to do the calculation is correct! Fundamental to such a marriage should be stability, confidence in the future and prosperity, which gives the family man. Wife, for his part turned a blind eye to all sorts of secrets and nedogovorki husband, providing cozy, warm home, cleanliness and neatness. And there is no denying that on weekends you as an exemplary family with children will get out to the park and have fun under the rays of the autumn sun and good-natured exchange views and gentle kisses. Convenience and mutual compromise – that’s what keeps this family, although everyone in her your goals and plans.

I do not know, but for me, it is better to try in this life the most stable foothold in the legs, and a man find a stable, albeit not very well-off, but a perspective on this growth. Of course, if even for love, it would be great! And in the beginning of the relationship, she always will be! The first couple of years. Then comes life: children, kindergarten, school, time would suffice for a manicure, what’s the love. Of course, will warm the idea that once was love, and now she just cooled down and turned into mutual respect and friendship, and it is also the fundamental thing for a marriage.

Perhaps a million options. The only thing I want to say, do not be afraid to make bold but deliberate steps, and dramatically change your life. Live it once, and must clearly live this life itself, and then the grandchildren of something interesting to tell!
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That’s what makes us stronger, or the positive value of women’s crisis

On the nature of women’s crisis is little known, since the nature of women is multifaceted and often inexplicable. But one thing is for sure – they occur at any age, sometimes even in good circumstances, and often turn into depression and stress.

For example, the periods of crisis in the life of adolescent girls can be explained by breaking stereotypes and the need to make a serious choice, the first real difficulties and disappointments. But at this age stage in most cases we can rely on the support and assistance of adults, so the moments of crisis are felt less acutely.

In adult life, the situation is different. We often have to be left alone with their problems, and sometimes we ourselves can not explain the sudden mood swings and unexplained sadness.

However, learning how to properly overcome the mysterious and sinister crisis, we become stronger and more confident. But first we see the “true face” of their enemies.

So, let us discuss in order, which is why in our lives emergency situations.

Work problems and solutions
In the workplace, we spend most of our lives. And the most important thing is that in many cases, we spend a lot of time and energy for professional self-improvement, for recognition, for success. But there are moments when even loved and desired work ceases to please us, and there is a desire to quickly leave the walls of the office, which is associated with so many memories (good or not). There could be several reasons. But in any case we can find a rational way.

Problem 1. “Do not like the profession.” This factor plays an important role. Judge for yourself – no matter how good a team and no matter how high a salary, if the job is right for you psychologically – to avoid irritation and fatigue will not succeed.

Output. If you do not try to solve this problem, a simple dissatisfaction can turn into a crisis. Of course, do not always have the opportunity to change jobs. But very often we can look for other prospects in the company.

To make an objective informed choices, psychologists recommend using this technique: remember your childhood dreams about the profession and try to find options related to their qualifications. Besides, you can choose a suitable hobby that helps psychologically relax and cheer up after work.
Plus, the feeling of success and achievement can bring real joy, even if the walls of the office you are persecuted gloom.

Problem 2. The crisis of purpose, or “false ideals.” They most often occur when you move to another city, or change professions. Often, such a crisis can be attributed to unrealistic expectations, the emergence of new challenges and problems. Indeed, sometimes it seems that the new work opens up many opportunities and can change lives for the better. And it is a shame to know that things are not so smooth. Or maybe you just chose the wrong career path?

Output. By setting high goals, it is best not to trust the advice of friends and family, and your own intuition. Here again, we can recall children’s wishes and focus on them. In addition, listen to the inner voice – the reluctance to continue moving forward may be a signal of a false goal.

Problem 3. “I do not aspire to anything more.”
Excellent career, higher income and independence does not always give a sense of satisfaction. Sometimes, reaching the greatest heights, we feel an inner despair and sadness. “Now we can relax – the power struggle is over” – about how one could describe the state of the most successful business woman. But for some reason it does not please them. Perhaps the reason is the internal soul-searching. Often, women in this case are starting to realize that should direct the energy of the family. Because of these thoughts is exacerbated emotional fatigue.

Output. The best way to avoid depression – to build a plan for their futures. The plan may be different items (home, work, hobbies). Aspirations and goals are always there. And, after resting a bit from the problems and hassles, you can go forward with renewed vigor.

Crises in their personal lives
But times of crisis can also be associated with family problems and turmoil. In such cases, we can not change the circumstances, but we can always change our attitude towards them. Therefore I propose to consider these factors in more detail.

– “When you cease to belong only to themselves.” Wonderful period – the birth of a child – is associated with the beginning of a new life. But sometimes it is depressing feelings (even when the baby is a welcome and long-awaited). The fact is that waiting for the crumbs to the light, we get used to the care and attention. Now you have to think all the time about other men, to abandon the usual meetings with friends. And sometimes so eager to return to work …

Output. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Your relatives have to understand that now you need their support. And do not be afraid to look innocuous ways to express negative emotions (when no one is looking – you can easily beat the pillow). In addition, you can set a time frame (a year or two must devote a child, and then – to work out.) But most importantly – allow yourself to relax a bit (for example, when the baby is sleeping.)

– “A happy marriage turns into a routine.” Indeed, over time, often disappears romance. And you begin to irritate habits and opinions of the husband. Moreover, there are insults because of the difference of opinions and views on life.

Output. Maintain a sense of help “active listening.” This allows us to understand the desire and intention of its halves. You also need to verbalize their emotions out loud, articulate grievances and seek compromise.

– “Divorce and its consequences.” On the negative aspects of divorce written quite a lot. One of them is the feeling of emptiness, in the understanding that no more for anyone to cook breakfast in the morning, no one to spend the weekend. But sometimes even the most awful lies not in it. Just after the break with dear person we become scared to fall in love again. And, to be completely honest, we are afraid of another disappointment and responsibility.

Output. After the divorce, to give yourself time (a year or two), to sort out their own feelings, consider the prospects for the future.
Next, you need to be prepared for the fact that in the new life must learn to change, to make concessions, and (importantly) be frank.

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Most bad gifts for women

What not to give to women? Of course, all individually. And, perhaps, to the gifts there own admirer. But in general, we think this little crib could help friends and family not to make a mistake when they choose a gift for the lady.
So our list of the most unfortunate gift to us:

1. Sexy lingerie a la Santa. Well, simply because the red – it’s too obvious, and we understand what you’re getting at when giving red underwear. And, in general, are ready for it (besides, what are you getting at), but it is better to take care of more elegant foreplay. And then, and Santa, and Santa Claus – it’s not sexy.

2. Wedding ring. No, we certainly do not mind. But let us all about it. New Year – a new year, and engagement – is engagement. Why is this common? We think that you are stingy and do not want to spend money on New Year’s gift. And even ring like Kate Middleton, let many dream about him, would not be very useful. Have saved him at least until January 1.

3. Epilators and trimmers. A good thing, no doubt. But right reason wants to run to the bathroom and check, do I have it all started?

4. Funds for the bathroom shelf. Shampoos, shower gels, essential oils … In fact, we all adore the passion for buying yourself. Therefore, did not take away our bread. Well, and if it does not allow the imagination to buy something else, then at least in a Christmas package, but better – in the holiday purse. We are weak to beauty school!

5. DVD with lessons on fitness. Yoga, belly dancing and even capoeira lesson – do not fit. Why? No, it’s not that we are already perfect and do not want to hear anything about fitness. Simple gifts made to consider carefully and try. You do not want to become a New Year’s Eve activity to combat cellulite?

6. Clothes or shoes with Christmas motifs. It is not practical and no-one ever in my life do not wear, and the thing is doomed to go to work or chalet package called “What if useful,” whose inhabitants have never come in handy and wait for the hard decisions. Suit Snow Maiden – also a bad idea.

7. Slippers with baby animals. It’s simple – it skuuuchno! Need more arguments? Not interested. Trite. Not original. What else? Hundred-ro-mod-no!

8. All sorts of useful things “for the house for the family.” Sure, that’s fun to get a gizmo to the soles to avoid slipping. Or head on the plug so it turned into a whisk. Or device for taking off shoes … But somehow it’s not pleasant. Nothing more to say.

9. Sports clothing and footwear. I dream of a toning shoe soles, but! But great! We agreed – anything that would remind one of our little weaknesses. For example, figure skates – yes. But warming tights for sports and combat cellulite – no. Understand the logic?

10. As you know, we can upset a lot, and happy – even more. Doubt your gift? Accompany it with fireworks, flowers and poems of his own, and then all the previous steps, you can forget, because this New Year to all just remembered!

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Girl’s Best Friend – Diamonds are

The magic phrase from a song many people know, it quoted the journalists, this hint lady her partner … But, how much do we know about the diamonds themselves?

There are facts which you should know.

• Diamonds come in different colors
Most popular – white or transparent. Sexiest – black diamond. But not only these two shades of the color palette is limited to diamonds. There are colored diamonds, they are less prestigious, less popular, but there are seasons when they become especially trendy: green, blue, pink and even yellow.

• Diamonds are not just for decoration
Despite the fact that diamonds are used by jewelers for ornaments for many many years, this was not always the case. First of all, diamonds (rough diamonds) are always appreciated for the exceptional hardness. It is possible to use them as a tool for cutting, engraving and polishing of precious stones. To this day, diamond coated tools – the most reliable (whether metal or stone). By the way, when you book a workshop on new glasses, you know, for the treatment of lenses and fit them by size rims specialist uses diamond blade. So even the girls who do not like jewelry, there is a reason to say that diamonds – their best friends.

• De Beers – the biggest brand, selling diamonds
De Beers sells diamonds and controls 70% of the diamond market. The founder of the company – Cecil Rhodes, a very lucky mister!

• Diamonds – not as rare as it seems
And it seems it is mainly thanks to the skillful marketing of diamond brands. Nature, of course, is in no hurry to play diamonds. The age of most of them – two to three billion years old. But this does not mean that new diamonds in the world will not, and there is only a limited amount, which now appears on the market. Companies producing diamonds hedged. In addition, every year new mined diamonds, there is a margin for producers. They are specially produced each year to market a limited number of diamonds on the market, and a large number are holding in their bins. This is to ensure that the diamonds grew in value, and create a sense of scarcity of these stones.

• The largest diamond – a celestial body
“I’ll give you a star” – men love to talk … Next time check, he might be able to give a star in the constellation Centaurus? It was there formed a special celestial body is a crystal of carbon, and it is nothing like raw diamonds. And how big the star? Reply dumbfounded: 10 million trillion trillion carats.

• Artificial diamonds are as good as natural
And, unfortunately, the same way as natural. It’s not about fakes, but about growing real diamonds. Just do not need to wait for billions of years, and the whole process takes a few days. Technology is complex and expensive, based on years of study and research. Cultured diamonds are also glisten and sparkle. But diamonds at an affordable price, alas, still does not happen. Do not believe the “shop on the couch.” There are only a fake.

• ring with a diamond on her engagement – a marketing gimmick
Paparazzi around the world know that a diamond ring on his hand celebrity – a sure sign of the engagement took place. These rings are analyzed, discussing the public immediately understand that the betrothal took place. But diamonds were given an engagement not always. All because of marketing again. In 1930, De Beers wanted America to fundamentally reconsider the diamonds. Was hired by an advertising agency NW Ayer & Son, which successfully promoted the idea of ​​using diamonds for a new target audience. If earlier it was a respectable ladies and gentlemen, it is now much younger audience diamonds. Diamonds are the most romantic way to talk about their feelings, and a declaration of love to offer his hand and heart. PR materials about diamonds as the special stones in a woman’s life spread newspapers and gossip column became allocate these stones and jewelry with them, when it came to celebrities. Movies with melodramatic plot also replicate this stereotype: if a ring on her engagement – that only a diamond. Now you know who benefits?

Do the diamonds special role in your life? Probably not. But be careful, alert marketers, they will not allow precious stones have been forgotten.


Woman of Mystery

This woman … suddenly appears in a man’s life and forever leaves a mark on his heart. It is mysterious and tender, gentle and unique. It comes quietly, like a cat, always manages to be as beautiful as the doe and not revealed until the end. It is capable of a few moments to light in the soul of man a spark from which the flare flame.

But it disappears as quietly as appears. That’s why she always makes men, with excitement in my heart to think about it. And everyone tries to keep her image in memory. What is its secret?

Special “recipe charm” – the presence of harmony and warmth. Inner beauty is remarkable. But sincere light in her eyes appears only when a woman is happy, and sincere smile – a sign of good-natured attitude towards others.

But other than that, a woman may suddenly hit man wit and originality of thinking. After all, the art of seduction – it is also the ability to insert the word in time, to shine wit.

This is a simple description of a woman of mystery, or a female cat can adopt each. After all, in life there are moments when suddenly (at a table in a cafe or at a party) there seems to be the same, the one and only man of whom you’ve been dreaming of. Just come acquainted – uncomfortable, but want to make an impression and make sure that he paid attention to you. And only have a few minutes (or, at best, if you are at a party – a couple of hours) to be used to the maximum. Where to start?

If the prince of your dreams is sitting at a table in front, meeting start easy – you can just walk up and ask if you can sit next to a cup of coffee. The reason can be anything – other tables occupied, with the best coverage of this … Look into my eyes and be yourself – a good, charming, affectionate. And any man would agree to spend a few minutes in your company.

Next – you can indulge in a small female cunning. Think of something good, which causes positive emotions and sets a positive way – and then will be seen in the eyes of your love of life and kindness. After all, the eyes, as they say – is the mirror of the soul. Your smile should also be warm and kind. You should not force yourself to smile, when you feel sad. But even if something goes wrong, it is better for a while, at least for those few minutes drive away from you bad thoughts. Tell yourself that now you have another problem, but it is better to think about the bad then.

Of course, the visual appeal – this is your “calling card.” When you look into the eyes of the man will always consider your facial features. And, perhaps, he will appreciate your wonderful makeup, unique and stylish image, a kind smile and a sincere laugh. But the art of seduction is not the only problem.

Among men, there are rumors that rare to find a beautiful and smart girl. Prove to them that this is not the case. Before we begin to talk, remember one detail – men generally do not like to talk on the topics that are discussed in the women’s circle. So try not only beautiful smile, but to be resourceful and smart, Learn to see support any conversation. Then the man with interest to look at you, and you have a better chance to prove themselves in a good light. Try to smile enigmatically at conversation and genuinely interested in the topic. Then the man quickly evaluate and your style and taste, and note that in the present queen is perfectly combined external and internal beauty, intelligence, exquisite manners and resourcefulness.

And then – quietly “disappear”, but left a trace memories (pleasant perfume on his skin from the “accidental” touching). But give the man to find you – “forget it” accidentally on the table where you are sitting together, drinking coffee, or just listen to the music at a party, a business card with your name and your phone, or inserted into a random conversation the phrase “I love walking in the park on weekends to street … “. If this is your destiny – it is sure to be looking for you – if not, you can easily forget it. But he will always remember the image of a woman of mystery, or the wonderful Catwoman.